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La Special K Strain

Smokers should be aware that Special K may rapidly cause couch-lock. With heavy eyelids, the mind may wander off into a borderline psychedelic experience, which is ideal for relaxing on a wet day but may interfere with sessions that need greater attention or productivity. Although Special K may assist with nausea or mild discomfort, it is best used to address brain disorders such as exhaustion or depression. Irritated eyes are the most typically reported Special K adverse effects.

Special-KSpecial K is a cross between the sativa Western Winds and the indica Slyder strains. Despite its lanky indica influence, the plant is tall and girthy, with extended buds. The effects are long-lasting and have a rapid onset, starting with a physical buzz and progressing to a heady lift that borders on psychedelic. Special K has been described as adventurous, making it an excellent midday strain. Indoor and outdoor plants should blossom in around 10 weeks.

Using two great Amsterdam Sagarmatha Seeds, the Western Winds and the Slyder, the Special K was created, a rare strain that inherited the wonderful features of both parents. The scent that will settle into your consciousness after inhaling the grassy, woody smell with herbal overtones, followed by the high that is pretty unique and will have you going back for more. Special K Flavor and Effects

Special K is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with an average THC content of roughly 24 percent. This exquisitely balanced hybrid contains equal parts indica and sativa. Special K's genetic profile is claimed to be a mix of Afghani, Northern Lights, Western Winds, and Slyder in various forms. The large, lovely buds are lime green with a golden hue. They feature lovely orange hairs that are surrounded in an overly thick sticky wall of resin-filled trichomes. The taste profile is earthy and sweet, with citrus overtones and a skunky flowery finish. Many users indicate that this strain of cannabis has helped them handle their symptoms of stress, depression, migraine headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, and other ailments. The buzz is regarded as a joyful, soothing, and creative sensation.

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