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The classically inspired Portrait whirlpool will add charm and relaxation to your bathroom. You can easily adjust the intensity of your water massage with electronic controls, creating a personalized experience as you sit back in comfort against built-in back and arm supports. For long, luxurious soaks, this model includes an integrated heater. Dimensions and Dimensions

While we may not place a high value on the toilet, it is where many people spend the majority of their time during the day. It's time to think about your toilet seat if you want to be comfortable while sitting and have an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. Shapes are classified into two categories: elongated and round. An oval shape characterizes an elongated toilet seat. Examine your toilet to determine which shape of toilet seat will fit best. Elongated toilet seats are typically more expensive than round toilet seats. As the name implies, a round toilet seat is more circular than an elongated one. They are more common than elongated seats and are also less expensive.

September through November Average nightly rate 66 63 67 Temperature on average Avg. precipitation: 47 F 10 F 90 F 25 in 12 in 33 in Prices exclude taxes and fees and are based on base rates for a nightly stay for two adults found on our site in the last seven days and averaged for commonly viewed hotels in Himmelkron. Select dates and run the search to find nightly totals that include taxes and fees.

Kohler K-4636-0

Original shipping fees for change of mind returns are not refunded unless otherwise stated. This change of mind return policy supplements, not replaces, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, including any rights you may have in relation to faulty items. See our Returning Faulty Items policy for more information.

What are the benefits of purchasing the KOHLER K-4636-0?

If you have an elongated toilet and want to install a well-designed modern toilet seat, the KOHLER K-4636-0e is the toilet seat for you. After you purchase it, installation will take only a few moments and will not be complicated. This toilet seat's excellent hinge allows you to close the lid slowly and quietly.

Kohler K-2210-0

Caxton has a simple, streamlined design that is as functional as it is appealing. This simple-to-clean sink combines the sleek appearance of an integrated basin with a timeless design that complements both traditional and modern bathroom decors. Caxton makes a smooth transition from the smooth oval basin to almost any solid surface countertop. The oval basin combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Customer service is fantastic! For several years, I've received excellent service and quality from kbauthority, with always friendly customer service representatives and prompt delivery. - Miked998 Fast delivery and the best price on Delta products! My husband and I ordered Delta products for two of the bathroom remodels we are doing. The products arrived in about a week, packaged very well, and I got the best price possible on the web, so we are very happy!!! I would highly recommend this company for any home remodeling project - Anne

These are substantial, heavy sinks. I've had no problems with the sinks' fit and finish. The granite installers did an excellent job, and I had a plumber re-connect the drains to the connections under the sink with no problems, but he and I both noticed that they just barely fit due to the drain placement in the bathroom sink cabinet. So, when replacing an existing system, I would definitely be cautious. Otherwise, this is a 5 star sink of exceptional quality. It performs as expected and is of the highest quality.

Kohler K-25224-0 Highline Tall Toilet

K-25224-0 Highline 19 feet tall "a tall bowl It looks far superior to what I prepared for the customer. I also have the Cachet seat, so no banging lids in the bathroom. They are long-time skiers and hikers, and the extra bowl height will be appreciated. Most of my "comfort" bowls are 16" tall, but this one is 3" taller, making it 19" ". Depending on the brand and model, a standard bowl stands between 14" and 15" tall.

KOHLER model numbers include a "K" before the base number. The letter "K" may not appear on certain product labels or when stamped onto the product itself. Following the base number are letters or numbers that represent a series, style, or variation. For example, "RA" denotes a toilet's right-hand trip lever or a bath's right-hand drain.


The Highline Tall is Kohler's tallest toilet, standing 2 feet tall "Taller than Comfort Height toilets for maximum accessibility and convenience. This Highline water-saving toilet combines style and function with its clean, simple design and efficient performance. When compared to an old 3.5-gallon toilet, an innovative 1.28-gallon flush setting saves up to 16.500 gallons of water per year without sacrificing flushing power. Features An elongated bowl provides more space and comfort. Seating for two is available in the Highline Tall bowl "greater than Comfort Height for improved comfort, ease of sitting and standing, and gracious accessibility Trip lever in polished chrome on the left. The K-4467 tank and the K-22661 bowl make up the combination. Tank, tank accessory pack, tank cover, trip lever, and bolt caps are all included. 2 Piece Single-flush gravity uses gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create a strong siphon during flushingClass Five flushing technology provides virtually plug-free performance and rinsing power for a clean bowl. Specifications White finish 1.28GPF GPF Range

However, as the saying goes, better late than never. In fact, when compared to other established toilet manufacturers such as American Standard, Mansfield, and TOTO, KOHLER is relatively quick to address this growing demand for high bowl toilets. So, will KOHLER's new 19-inch high bowl toilet increase competition from its competitors? Prepare your popcorn. Now that the competition is heating up, you will not only be spoiled for choice in the future, but prices are expected to fall as the market matures. The trend is unmistakably in your favor.

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