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PNGA Kit Kat Logo Those who are accustomed to the appearance of the Kit Kat bar in the United States may be surprised by the packaging and, possibly, the flavor in other ways. The packaging differs, as do the manufacturers: in the United States, H.B. Reese Candy, a subsidiary of Hershey, manufactures the Kit Kat, whereas Nestl manufactures the Kit Kat sold in other countries.

Because it is not a literary work or other protected type in the sense of the local copyright law, the depicted text is ineligible for copyright and thus in the public domain. Facts, data, and unoriginal information in a general typeface or basic handwriting, as well as simple geometric shapes, are not protected by copyright. This tag does not generally apply to all text images. Different countries may have different legal definitions of literary work as a subject of copyright, as well as different court interpretation practices. Some countries protect almost every written work, while others only protect texts and databases that are uniquely artistic or scientific. The extent of creativity, function, and length of the text may all be relevant. The copyright protection can be limited to the literary form; the included information cannot be protected.

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