Kindergarten C Or K Spelling Rule Worksheets

The chart also shows the use of k> after consonants and long vowels. Refer to the chart again when your students reach that point. Someone might ask, "Why can't we use c> with e> or I This is a good time to remind students that when the letter c> is combined with the letters e> or I it produces a different sound. When you see the pattern ce, ci, cy>, c>, it indicates /s/. This ability will be covered later in the program.

is ideal for or other types of reading interventions. As a thank you for visiting my blog today, here is a FREE K or CK controlled reading passage! It's from my Spelling Generalization Decodable Stories collection. It's from my pack. Over the years, I've created resources to help with spelling generalizations, but nothing as comprehensive as this Spelling Generalizations Bundle.

The CK rule also holds true for the trigraphs DGE and TCH.

Print these free phonics worksheets two-up for older children who can write smaller and enjoy having their work appear smaller. As they write and pronounce these words, children may develop the habit of adding a silent K at the end. They quickly notice the pattern.

The goal of this game is to distinguish between k and c first sounds. Players take turns drawing cards from the deck. Read the card and place their marker on the nearest k or c spot. Then, on the recording sheet, write down the words. (You are not required to use the recording sheet if you do not wish to.) The game comes with 27 word cards! Except for the first letter, the cards include a picture and the spelling of the word. Students must determine whether the word begins with a k or a c. The teacher will require

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