K Paz De La Sierra Muerte

The business owners were released hours later, but the singer remained imprisoned. Until the middle of December, the Procuradura General de Justicia de Michoacn was unaware that the singer's body had been discovered in an area adjacent to Chiquimito, a community located 10 kilometers north of Morelia.

K-Paz de la Sierra fue una agrupacin de msica regional mexicana, tuvo origen en Chicago, Illinois, y fue creada en 2002 por Sergio Gmez para convertirse en una de las bandas ms cotizadas del momento.

Sergio Gmez met Armando Rodrguez and Rafael Sols in Chicago, and they invited him to form a musical group to interpret various versions of xitos by groups such as the Bukis, the Temperarios, and others, but with a duranguense musical style.

Sergio Gmez Snchez, its main founder and creator, was kidnapped on December 2, 2007, while leaving a dance hall in Morelia, Michoacn, along with two businessmen. The two businessmen were released, but Gmez remained imprisoned. According to an acquaintance, Jos Manuel Zamacona, Gmez had previously been threatened in order for him to leave Michoacn. On the morning of December 3, 2007, the body of singer Sergio Gmez was discovered along a stretch of highway leading to Chiquimitio, about 20 minutes from Morelia. He'd been strangled and had torn seals, as well as severe hematomas in the tracx and abdomen, as well as cigarrillos quemaduras in the piernas. The first clues point to a premeditated assassination, given that Sergio had been warned not to act in Morelia, a city known for its drug-related pandillas. Sergio Gmez and another Mexican assassin, Valentn Elizalde, were nominated for the Grammy on December 6, 2007. [editar] New vocalist presentation

However, during the journey, the vehicle transporting the singer was stopped by armed men; two of the passengers were released hours later, but Sergio Gmez was not.

Hours later, the vocalist was discovered dead on a terracera; he appeared to be suffering from torment, as various parts of his body had been quenched.

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