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People in that massive MacRumors post have attempted remedies such as shutting off Messages on a Mac or removing and re-adding contacts. Some users have reported seeing alerts after entirely closing the Messages app after sending a text message. In some circumstances, missed notifications only occur for pinned discussions, and unpinning contacts seems to solve the problem. There have been isolated instances of success with these quick remedies, but they do not work for everyone. There's also a 42-page post regarding the continuing difficulties on the company's help forums. Those affected by the problem are naturally unhappy that Apple has failed to announce a comprehensive patch. This is basic stuff, and it's undoubtedly generating some uncomfortable talks between couples or friends when messages lie there for hours without the receiver knowing they arrived. And if you're thinking that everything will be OK when iOS 14.3 is released next week, I wouldn't hold your breath. According to early reports, the no-text-notifications fault is still present, at least in some circumstances, in the second release candidate copy of iOS 14.3 that Apple sent to public beta testers yesterday.

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Focus is a function that assists you in concentrating on a task by reducing distractions. Concentrate may temporarily quiet all notifications or allow just certain alerts when you need to focus or move away from your iPhone (for example, ones that match your task). When you enable Focus, Messages notifies applications and contacts that you are occupied. People may opt to inform you anyhow if something is urgent.

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