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After you finish Act II, you can start looking for Genshin Impact's new Echoing Conch items. Keep an eye out for blue conches that emit a blue, glowing energy. When you get close to a conch, it will automatically appear on the mini-map. The following are the locations where you should look for conches: Simply return to the event screen after collecting all of the Echoing Conch to claim your rewards. The game will keep track of how many conches you have left to collect in the archipelago for you.

In the new area of Genshin Impact, there are difficult new quests to complete. Around Araumi, players can find strange and difficult Electro puzzles, difficult quests with putting shrines in order with a Ward, and more. Takashi's quest, on the other hand, is incredibly simple: collect some Mysterious Conch shells in exchange for loot. RELATED: Genshin Impact Doesn't Have Every Region Yet Nahda Nabiilah updated this page on December 10, 2021: Mysterious Conches are quest items found on the shores of Tatarasuna, Inazuma. When the players speak with Takashi, he will tell them to give him Mysterious Conches in exchange for opening one Common Chest. When asked why he wanted to collect them, Takashi will admit that he wanted to sell them because they had been tainted by the Tatarigami. This hidden quest is important for travelers because it will unlock some items and hidden achievements. Takashi's Address

Echoing Conch 1: This Echoing Conch can be found on the top of the southernmost part of the Twinning Isle. To begin Echoing Conch 2, walk east from the Teleport Waypoint. The Echoing Conch can be found on the lower ledge, next to the tree. Echoing Conch 3: Sail to the larger Isle northeast of the Broken Isle. The Echoing Conch is located on a lower cliff on the mountain's north side. Rewards:

. From the Twinning Isles Teleport Waypoint, you can glide to the top of the smaller isle. It's on the peak's south side. Conch 3: A River Flows Down the Center. On top of the Twinning Isle's southern peak. On top of the Twinning Isle's southern peak. Four Winds Conch Bring the Joyful Sound. Begin at the Teleport Waypoint and walk east. Glide down to the lower cliff, where you'll find the Echoing Conch near a tree.

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