Gail K. Lightfoot

Government Fiscal Impact: Unknown, but likely minimal, increased state expenses. Result of Party Office Votes 11-06-1984 CD-33 4738 Libertarian Loss 11-08-1988 CD-33 6601 Libertarian Loss 11-06-1990 CD-33 7840 Libertarian Loss 11-05-1996 CD-23 8346 Libertarian Loss 11-03-1998 216751 Libertarian Secretary of State 11-07-2000 Libertarian Senate1 187718 Loss Libertarian Secretary of State 204527 Loss 11-05-2002 Loss 11-07-2006 Libertarian Secretary of State 171393 Loss 11-02-2010 Libertarian Senate3 175242 Loss Website: Email address: Candidate Biography: Gail Katherine Lightfoot Spouse: Richard E. Venable

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