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If you're wondering what "Unicode" is, it's a computing industry standard that defines over 100,000 symbols that can be used in any font. All of the letters I'm typing right now have unicode "codes" that determine how the characters are displayed in your browser. Fonts are simply a method of defining different ways of rendering some of these characters (mostly letters, numbers, and punctuation), but some fonts may also specify a large number of symbols and special characters (these are typically called "unicode fonts"). So, while a "font generator" would generate font files, this is more accurately described as a "pseudo-font generator." Because the title was already long enough, I called it "copy and paste fonts generator," and most people probably don't care:p

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Fette Gotisch Font Download

The Fette Gotisch font shown above is not free; to download and use the font, please click the link above and purchase a font license. Meanwhile, you can browse our font collections for cars, pop music, and apparel, as well as round-ups of new and fresh fonts from around the web.

Born-x-Raised inspired Palm Angels. The font represents a new modern style that feels right in any situation. The letter dimensions and general sense are modern and contemporary, but retain the refined functional touch of the rational structure. The end result is a one-of-a-kind and unconventional design that is ideal for editorial and corporate applications.

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