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Kevin Samuels, a relationship guru/YouTuber, is no stranger to social media trending for delivering what many deemed harsh and misogynistic opinions about dating Black women, but on Thursday (May 5), the 56-year-olds name shot to the top of Twitters hottest topics due to rumors he died of cardiac arrest. While many publications, including ThatGrapeJuice (as reported here), broke the story based on information from people reportedly close to Samuels, no one from his family has come out to corroborate it.

"We are removing accounts that regularly attempt to post films, and we thank our community members who have reported material and advised others not to view, engage with, or share such videos on any platform out of respect for the individual and their family."

If someone in our community is considering suicide or is worried about someone who is, we urge them to seek help, and we give access to hotlines straight from our app and in our Safety Centre.

Neighbors sent police to the villa, where they discovered Lewis dead in the driveway. "Lewis's left eye socket had caved in, they noticed. His head had been shattered to the left of center. He had perished quickly after falling from the second level or the roof "Los Angeles Magazine reported. But it isn't all. Investigators suspect Lewis murdered Davis and her pet prior to his collapse. The facts are graphic, and the first belief was that Lewis was hallucinating at the time. The autopsy, however, found that Lewis was not under the influence of narcotics at the time of his death.

McAfee had a cell mate at the jail, but that individual was not in the cell at the time McAfee was discovered dead, according to a prison official who did not want to be identified. The officer went on to say that the second prisoner was out conducting routine jail activities. "I'm not aware of it," the official replied when asked whether officials had set specific surveillance measures on McAfee in his cell.

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