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Among the 838 new characters in #Unicode14 are 37 new #emoji, as well as new emoji sequences, which are expected to appear on s, s, and other platforms later this year # @unicode 7 September 2021 Furthermore, the update will add 75 skin tone variations to the new emojis, giving us a total of 112 new emojis to play with.

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The company is also hard at work on the next iPhone 14 series, which is expected to be released in September of this year. Apple is expected to replace the Mini model with the iPhone 14 Max smartphone, which will have a larger screen.

The new emojis, illustrated by Emojipedia for World Emoji Day on Saturday, nearly complete the consortium's effort to offer masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral versions of every available emoji, as well as a variety of skintones.

Trans and non-binary pregnancies will now be represented in the emoji set, thanks to the addition of two new gender options for the pregnant woman emoji, while person with crown joins prince and princess for gender-neutral royalty.

"In recent years, Unicode has made an effort to be gender inclusive," Emojipedia added. "The approach has changed depending on the situation, but the overarching goal is to standardize inconsistencies in legacy decisions." According to The Sun, the new iOS 15.4 beta lineup includes several overtly sexual emoji additions, including a face with a peeking eye and a naughty lip-biting depiction, which creators have described as ideal for expressing "flirtation or arousal."

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