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David W. Duclon

David W. Duclon net worth is computed by comparing David W. Duclon's impact on Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to that of everyone else in the globe. In general, the larger the hexagon, the more David W. Duclon net worth should be on the internet!

Colonel Gaddafi's "forecast" [edit]

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is portrayed being judged following his death in the pilot's opening scene, with the date specified as July 29, 2011. The 1987 pilot was using Gaddafi's significant bad reputation among the American public a year after the Berlin discotheque attack and the US retaliation. By coincidence, Gaddafi's death (on October 20, 2011) happened within three months of the "predicted" date and was caused by the same cause twenty-four years later (multiple gunshot wounds). [1]

Warren David Duclon (aka David W. Duclon) is a Rockford, Illinois native and Rockford West Public High School alumnus. Duclon married Deborah, his sole wife, in 1980; the pair separated in 2003. They have one child, a girl (she is a fashion stylist in N.Y.C). Deborah is active in community fund-raising and charity in...

Johnson isn't just saying nice things. Several times throughout our chat, her voice breaks as she attempts to find the words to convey what it's like to return to this world. She hasn't been idle in the years after Punky wrap. In fact, she hasn't stopped yet. Johnson has appeared in 58 episodes of Family Matters as Laura Winslow's best friend Maxine, as well as guest appearances on Eve and The Parkers. She's published books, worked as a contributing writer and editor for various periodicals, and launched the Cherie's World podcast. But Punky has always had a particular place in the heart of the Pittsburgh native. Most fans are unaware that her uncle, David W. Duclon, developed Punky Brewster after establishing himself as an executive producer on sitcoms such as Silver Spoons and The Jeffersons. Johnson remembers moving from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles when he was five or six years old. And we relocated to live with Uncle David and his family. Punky was written six months later.

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