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David Lee Elbow Infection

This summer, the Knicks moved Lee to the Warriors, who signed him to a $80 million contract. The Warriors are under scrutiny for how they handled Lee's illness, which may need to be wiped out four or five times more. I know there is a lot of conjecture out there, but it virtually doesnt matter how it was treated, according to the team's Dr. Bill Maloney. I don't believe they could have prevented it. When he got the teeth through the skin with a deep enough puncture hole to let the germs in, the die was cast.

He stated they tried four to five antibiotics but nothing worked. We assumed everything was OK following the first operation. They cleaned it out, but (the illness) reappeared, and the physicians stated there was nothing they could do to combat the germs. If the germs couldn't be stopped, Lee was warned, harsh measures would have to be used. Before they discovered the proper treatment, which was a one-in-a-million chance, they discussed perhaps removing my tricep muscle in my forearm, Lee said. It seemed possible that I might never play ball again. Lee will bear the discomfort. Chandler, on the other hand, did not have it the worst.

Doctors eventually discovered the correct drug, and Lee's left elbow started mending almost immediately. Lee hopes to return to play next week, either against San Antonio at home on Nov. 30 or against Phoenix on Dec. 2. Lee, though, would not rule out rejoining the Warriors at the conclusion of their three-game road trip, which begins Wednesday in Houston. He said that this is the best-case scenario. Lee's left arm is completely bandaged. An IV is implanted in his right bicep. He is need to take antibiotics four times every day. He had the IV connection placed in his arm instead of having to use a needle himself, so all he needs to do is strap it to the machine.

"All we want to do is see him," Smart added. "Once we see him and can love on him again, we can work on bringing him back into the package." In eight games with Golden State, Lee has averaged 14.3 points, 11.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 34.6 minutes. The Warriors acquired him in a July trade with the Knicks in order to strengthen their offensive and rebounding presence.

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