David Ellefson Twitter Grooming

The user also claims to have heard that Ellefson frequently sends unsolicited photos of his genitalia and flirts with fans, which the bassist later declined in an Instagram post, and even a girl whom Ellefson allegedly abused shared a message on Instagram telling her side of the story revealing that these video calls happened, but I was the one who started them, and I was never a minor, I was always a consenting adult. Several videos of Ellefson pleasuring himself, however, have been released on Twitter. We couldn't publish them here, but they may be found on the @cliff95629299 Twitter account.

It was entirely voluntary; I am not a victim, and I have not been groomed in any way because I initiated it. I was just naïve enough to videotape him and send it to a buddy without his consent. I'm not sure how things got to this point, but a lot of information is being withheld by those who want to hurt him.

After a series of personal talks and videos were published online over the weekend, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson denied grooming an underage female.

As a series of violent conversations started to circulate on Twitter, Ellefson turned to Instagram to reject any charges. His message is as follows:

On Instagram and Twitter, explicit videos and pictures of conversation involving Ellefson had appeared. Ellefson turned to social media to claim that the tapes and screenshots were posted with malicious intent by a third party who was not allowed to possess or distribute them. While it is undoubtedly humiliating, I want to confront it as openly and honestly as possible. As much as I'm not proud of it, these were private, adult discussions that were taken out of context and exploited to do the most harm to my reputation, job, and family, he continued.

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