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Justices DeWine and Fischer, on the other hand, were harsher on Kinney's arguments. Justice DeWine was hesitant to address Kinney's constitutional concerns, urging that the Court first explore whether R.C. 2953.02 grants aggravated murderers the ability to appeal their convictions. Kinney's assertion that R.C. 2953.08(D)(3) violates felons' rights under Article I, Section I of the Ohio Constitution was challenged by Justice Fischer, who argued that convicts have the right to defend their inherent rights to life and liberty at trial. Despite these arguments, I believe the Court will find in Kinney's favor. The issues raised by shielding a trial court's highly discretionary sentence judgment from appellate scrutiny seemed to be on the justices' minds. The arguments of the states did nothing to alleviate these fears.

David Carl Sr. KINNEY, 54, of Chesterfield, went to be with the Lord on October 6, 2013. His sons, David Kinney Jr. and Thomas Kinney; daughter, Gracie Kinney; mother, Margaret E. Kinney; brother, Earl Kinney Jr. (Sandra); sister, Linda Emory (David); and several nieces and nephews survive him. Earl Kinney Sr., David's father, died before him. David was a skilled car mechanic by profession. He was also a successful drag racer, clocking high 9s in his 1970 Chevelle. Funeral services will be conducted at Oak Forest Baptist Church in Chesterfield on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 11 a.m. Interment in Dale Memorial Park. Condolences may be expressed online at:

Fregiato praised everyone who came, but said the difficulties raised during hearing did not warrant a bond reduction.

The goal of the witnesses today was to demonstrate that this defendant was so trustworthy and honest, but the evidence that came through, quite simply, was the polar opposite, Fregiato said, saying that the testimony showed Kinney had lead a double life, hidden from those closest to him. According to Fregiato, this harmed Kinney's dependability and honesty and implied duplicity. This defendant brought his own wife and kid into the event scene house, where there was a deceased victim, under the guise that he was simply passing by and didn't realize what was going on, practically lying through his teeth to his wife and child. So the data presented presents a very different image than what is first presented as trustworthy, reliable, and honest.'

Kinney then offered two further theories for the circumstances leading up to McGarry's death. He first said that he met McGarry at the Bellaire house and that McGarry was accompanied by another individual. Kinney said he ran after hearing a gunshot. When Allar challenged that narrative, Kinney said he, McGarry, and a third, unnamed man met, battled about money McGarry claimed was stolen, and the unknown guy murdered McGarry and threatened to kill and expose Kinney. Allar persisted in his efforts. You buried your own daughter with that corpse in the basement. You did it. Allar remarked in the video, "You knew Brad was dead, so you brought your daughter." You went to such lengths to conceal the fact that you brought your own daughter to the scene.

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