David Bowie Roseland Ballroom

After what seemed like an eternity (during which the cry of "Bowie, Bowie, Bowie..." became louder by the minute), David and the band returned to complete the night with a high-powered encore of 'Hello Spaceboy,' 'Ashes To Ashes,' 'Fashion,' and 'I'm Afraid Of Americans.' David was dressed in a long scarlet coat, a loose black pant suit, and a massive pair of platforms. Delicious. If you were there, you know how fantastic it was; if you weren't, well...

"I often throw myself into the deep end of a crisis simply to see what happens," DAVID BOWIE told his followers on September 11th. It was a remark that summed up the incredible Internet event that occurred at the singer's official website, http://// In an unprecedented move, BOWIE exclusively shared his freshly recorded song "Telling Lies" on the internet. This blend of rock and underground dance rhythms remixed by A Guy Called Gerald is not accessible in any retailer or radio station in North America. The tune received over 46,000 downloads in the first four days of its Internet release—more than 10,000 each day—which implies the website's server has had over 300,000 visits per day for the previous seven days.

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