David And Keithan Walkthrough

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David and Keithan are introduced to new adventures in the point and click adventure series. This couple of idiots is obsessed with various supernatural phenomena, urban legends, and creepy stories, and will go to any length to embark on an exciting journey. This time, a powerful storm hit their town, which is common if you live near the coast and stay at home reading comic books, but this is an adventure game, so the heroes will go in search of a new legend. They claim that the Lighthouse is haunted; whether this is true or not is unknown, but they need to learn everything they can to solve this mystery. To control the game, use the mouse and interact with all of the objects in the game by clicking the left mouse button. You can also watch video walkthroughs, select the word walkthrough in the options, or click on the coupon with a question mark in the game.

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