David And Goliath Toys

David was a man after the heart of God. He had no fear since he knew God would always protect him. Even though Goliath, the gigantic soldier, wanted to fight, David trusted God to protect him! (1 Samuel 17). Children can bring this tale to life with our interactive David play set, which includes everything you'll need to teach your youngster about this wonderful Tale of Glory. A mini-storybook about David and Goliath is included, as are three PVC miniatures (David, Goliath and a collection of 5 smooth stones). Ages 3 and up

Book: 8.25" W x 8.25" HE When you bring home this itty bittys book with two itty bittys tale characters, you may enjoy telling the Bible narrative of David and Goliath to the youngsters in your family. When youngsters can play out this dramatic narrative as you read along, story time becomes more enjoyable. This book's full-color images and rhyming portions make it a fun daily read for naptime or bedtime. In addition to purchasing this book gift set for your children, it also makes an excellent faith-filled present for extended family and family friends.

David & Goliath has instituted a special student discount for current students. They understand that students' living costs are covered by their parents, thus the money available for consumption is quite restricted, but in order to not disappoint every student client who enjoys David and Goliath, student discounts play a significant role. Every student at school may obtain discount coupons if they purchase at this business, which they can use while paying and help them save money. makes it simple for customers of diverse demographics to buy here. What is the most recent offer from David and Goliath?

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