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While we wait for someone to defeat Sister Friede with a Guitar Hero controller, this will have to serve. Not only is TolomeoR thwacking away at the monster with nary a weapon in sight, he's also doing it on New Game+ 7. Now that could really have its benefits: as TolomeoR points out on reddit, fists actually scale nicely with strength and dexterity, and if you've got your levels in the proper spots, you can actually deal quite an amount of damage with knuckles. It's still a long effort however, considering Sister Friede is among the toughest bosses in the series thus far. When I reviewed the DLC earlier this week, it took me well over half a day to defeat her, and, admittedly, I ultimately resorted to calling a companion.

Before you begin began, however, be aware that the DLC is intended at high level characters and individuals who are already quite acquainted with everything the game. If in doubt, then spend some time with our Dark Souls 3 guide to master the nitty gritty, maybe making advantage of the greatest farming places and discovering any missing Estus Shards and Bone Shards. Let's play Ashes of Ariandel Dark Souls 3 DLC fresh PS4 gameplay

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