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The Cosmopolitan is Papua New Guinea's first and only Superclub, taking entertainment to a new and exciting level. The Cosmopolitan provides special custom-designed lighting, takes pride in excellent, responsive customer service, and assures the safety of all customers. The Cosmopolitan, which spans over 10,000 square feet, features two floors of premium entertainment, a gaming room, bistro eating, and exceptional local and international entertainment, making it the best destination in Port Moresby.

Your evening will begin with a handcrafted aperitif at the bar, followed by a multi-course feast of fresh antipasti, handmade burrata, Sunday gravy, meatballs, cannolis, and other traditional Italian delicacies. Wine pairings, tableside presentations, views of the Las Vegas Strip, and a personal welcome from Scarpettas general manager, Mario Disi, round out the experience. Insider Tip: The Chefs Table is available for parties of up to six people at a cost of $200 per person.

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