Cooke Maroney And Jennifer Lawrence Wedding Pictures

While this is not their first public appearance as newlyweds (they were spotted in New York City two weeks after their elaborate ceremony), it is the first time Lawrence has been seen wearing her new wedding band. Arrivals, Fall Winter 2019, Christian Dior presentation, Paris Fashion Week, France - 26 Feb 2019 Photographer: Elizabeth Pantaleo/REX/Shutterstock

The Hunger Games heroine has expressed her wish to marry Maroney. Lawrence stated on the NAKED with Catt Sadler podcast in June 2019: "I wasn't in a position where I thought, 'I'm ready to be married.' I had just met Cooke and had decided to marry him." The actress said, "Because he is my closest friend, I want to legally bond him to me for the rest of his life. And, thankfully, the necessary documentation is available. It's the best. You meet your favorite person on the earth and say, 'You can't leave!' So I decided to accept the offer."

While the ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, the party was the polar opposite, yet in the greatest manner possible. The reaction, on the other hand, was crazy, according to the source. The couple and their loved ones downed shots and partied until 5:30 a.m. after being given to a magnificent buffet that included wood-roasted fish and leg of beef, smoked pig belly, salt cod beignets, and handmade smores. What else did they do till the early morning? At the very least, the Hunger Games alum danced. Jen was dancing with everyone; she looked exhausted at the end, but she was so joyful!

When Maroney was single, he lived in a tiny rental building in New York's Tribeca district, with monthly rents ranging from $4,000 for a studio to $11,000 for a two-bedroom duplex, according to internet real estate listings.

When he and Lawrence decided to move in together, they acquired a $21.9 million townhouse on Jane Street in the West Village.

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