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Academic and professional success are intertwined; Kim strives to help students become the best versions of themselves by pushing boundaries and investing in relationships. She encourages students to take risks, listen, explore, and connect with people from all walks of life and in a variety of settings. Her cross-cultural experiences in the United States and abroad have had a significant impact on her vision for students. Kim lived in Finland, Thailand, and South Korea during her undergraduate studies in Georgia and before moving to Florida, all of which were far from rural Nebraska, where she was born and raised. This year also marks a watershed moment in Kim's UF career. She was chosen for the 2021-2022 UF Leadership Academy after a competitive selection process. The program prepares UF faculty and staff for higher-level campus responsibilities, provides them with a deeper understanding of the university's complex structure, and places them in a leadership community of engaged colleagues.

French and Francophone Studies as a minor

Cocoa Beach, Florida is my hometown. As an undergraduate, the Honors Program enabled me to pursue research, community service, rigorous coursework, and leadership positions, guiding me as I defined a degree combination that highlighted my passions rather than simply looking good on a resume, says Hannah. It also introduced me to an amazing group of peers and advisors who have become my closest friends and mentors. I will be eternally grateful to be a member of the Honors community. Hannah will continue her education at the University of Florida College of Medicine, where she will pursue a joint MD/Masters in Public Health degree. Ros Fiol, B.F.A., B.S. '20 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (Printmaking)

My favorite CKI memory is of Trick-or-Treat for the Homeless, an annual project hosted by my home club, UF CKI. This year, the project was spread out over two days (two Saturdays), with my group and I going around a local Gainesville neighborhood informing residents that we will be collecting canned food and other necessities on Halloween. We dressed up in a group costume and went around the same neighborhood collecting the donation items we had requested the week before on the second Saturday, which happened to be Halloween. We were able to deliver several bags of donations to the local soup kitchen while also having a great fellowship experience with the club. This is my favorite memory because, even during a pandemic, we were able to take precautions while still having a large impact on our community while bonding as a group. Favorite Volunteer Project

As a volunteer in this organization, you will teach students, provide test tips, and help students prepare for college. Gators can raise funds by developing program materials like templates or tip sheets. Aces in Motion is looking for Gators who are willing to serve students while also learning. Volunteers develop strong relationships with students, and the students expect the volunteer to continue working with them.

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