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Yes, the first order discount is designed specifically for clients who are purchasing for the first time on This establishment has always strived to provide new customers with a pleasant shopping experience. Of course, the Bottom Line Telecommunications system can detect if you have any usage data here. If not, the special promo codes will be sent to you. If you provide the coupons you got at the time of purchase, the deal will immediately take effect, which is quite easy. Of course, loyal clients may also take advantage of several discounts. Follow the Bottom Line Telecommunications discount page on to view the most recent deals, such as 20% off qualified purchases.

The preceding list is not complete, but it does include the most common situations for which we get approached. If your question is not answered above, please see our Often Requested Questions, which has answers to all of the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't addressed in the FAQ and you still want to contact us, drop us an email. We usually react within a few hours, and we always respond within one business day. We are not a corporation that disregards email.

So, where should businesses begin when attempting to reduce waste? First, they must have an auditing mechanism in place that includes a comprehensive inventory, line-by-line, of all the company's telecom bills at least once a year. The billed rate, contractual rate, and contract start and end dates must all be included in such inventory, which must be created by location and product. The final inventory must subsequently be audited, with a corporation comparing the negotiated rate to what the carriers charge. A corporation that has been overbilled should request a credit from its carrier in order to recover as much as possible from what was paid in excess of the contract.

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