Bnti Gzhel-K Armor Real Life

Scav karma is a system that was put in place to encourage cooperation among player Scavs rather than shooting each other on sight. Different actions affect your karma level in different ways. Fence trader reputation is where you can find your current karma. Please keep in mind that if you have +6 karma or higher, the penalties are multiplied by a certain amount.

From 2007 to the present, this was the standard-issue body armor for the United States Army. FINALLY, some American merchandise! ahem Please accept my apologies. The IOTV is made of soft armor, similar to NIJ II. Plate inserts are ceramic, either SAPI (up to M80 ball, roughly NIJ III) or E-SAPI (up to.30-06 M2 AP, roughly NIJ IV) rated depending on when you were in and what your unit decided on, though steel plates can easily be substituted if you want to trade weight for durability (because steel armor is fucking heavy relative to a ceramic or UHMWPE plate of the same level/size). I'll leave the information to Wikipedia, but if anyone with first-hand knowledge/experience wants to weigh in, please do.

EnGarde is committed to protecting the lives of those who risk their lives to defend the rights of others. Law enforcement, private security, military personnel, non-profit organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, journalists, and individuals from a variety of industries working in dangerous areas are among our customers. Those who choose our products entrust us with more than just their money; they entrust us with their lives. As a result, our body armor begins with the finest materials available from around the world. We then combine the best bullet-stopping materials in the industry with superior engineering and ergonomics to create the most comfortable vests for long-wear situations, even in the hottest climates!

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