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Revolver Abbey Road The White Album (album) Please help me. Sergeant Pepper Tour de Mystère Magical Help! Rubber heart Allow it to be. With the Beatles on the market A difficult day and night Submarine in yellow I realize it's controversial. Personally, I like the early Beatles. Just though the songs were simpler and more pop-oriented doesn't make them any less enjoyable. Please, Please, Please I have a lot of catchy, memorable tunes. Also, I don't think it was necessarily better when they became more experimental and hallucinogenic. It resulted in a taller ceiling but also a lower floor for songs. Just my view; let me know what you think!

It seems like a cop-out to include the film soundtrack last since it is brief and contains two previously released songs from the band Yellow Submarine and All You Need is Love. But, other from the underappreciated Hey Bulldog, what else is there? Not much, however I just rediscovered It's All Too Much and realized it's better than I had previously assumed. 12. Allow It To Be (1970)

George Harrison was well on his path to spiritual and musical maturity when he recorded the White Album. Unfortunately for Paul, the two main creative forces in the Beatles werent too keen on either, consistently undervaluing his songs and voicing scorn for the meditation trip to India, which they found considerably less instructive than he had (Harrison had to talk Lennon out of making Sexy Sadie a direct hit piece on the Maharishi). While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a Georges I Ching-inspired lament on the untapped love and harmony in our world that is being misdirected, distorted, and inverted. Harrison turns to his guitar as an outlet for his emotions, hopes, and sorrows, dripping with a somber feeling of spiritual solitude and loneliness. With uncredited guitar help from Eric Clapton and a tremolo-laden guitar part at the conclusion, the guitars on Guitar seem like they're grieving not only for George, but for the buried creative potential in all of us. It's George Harrison's best performance in the Beatles, and an obvious highlight on an album brimming with G.O.A.T. masterpieces.

"Strawberry Fields Forever," No. 4 (1967, Magical Mystery Tour)

The chirping mellotron-flute prelude, calm and synthetic; the bipolar chorus, half downer, part anthem; and the thick pileup of guitars, sitars, strings, horns, and various weirdness, including John's whispered "cranberry sauce," commonly misinterpreted as "Paul is dead." The slightly slurred slo-mo lyrics seem dreamy, but they convey volumes: "No one I believe is in my tree/I mean it must be high or low" resonates for anybody who has felt misunderstood or just stoned. It was released as a single, with a decent reverse side. (See No. 12.)

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mixes. In contrast, for certain mono recordings, "fold-down" mono mixes were constructed, which combined two independent stereo channels into a single mono master. All of this must have driven The Beatles insane anytime they took a break from changing the world and put one of the US releases on their turntables. (In reality, when they were renegotiating their arrangement with EMI in 1966, one of the primary sticking points was their insistence that the US would adhere to distributing their studio albums as is, starting with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.)

Tripper for the Day This song, written mostly by John Lennon, became the Beatles' third Christmas number one in 1965. Later, Lennon explained: "Day trippers, aren't they individuals who go on day trips? Usually aboard a ferry or anything similar. But [the song] had a kind of... 'you're just a weekend hippy' vibe to it ". A Long Day's Journey Written mostly by Lennon, this music featured significantly in the legendary movie of the same name. The song's title stemmed from something spoken by Ringo Starr. The drummer recalled in 1964: "We went to perform a job, and we'd worked all day and we happened to work all night. I got up still believing it was day I guess, and I remarked, 'It's been a rough day...' and I glanced around and noticed it was

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record. Instead of their first album delivering us a boom out of the gate, it nonetheless got them through the door and into the rock scene. Really however, were really simply delighted that we received Creep, standing in contrast to some of the worst Radiohead tracks.

While you could make a case for each of the band's four of superb albums being their finest, is their fifth release that comes closest to obtaining perfection. The meeting point between the bands thrash metal origins and the groove and tribal aspects that would set them apart from every other band, Chaos A.D. confirmed Sepultura as one of the most significant heavy bands of the 90s. From Refuse/Resists percussive assault till the last intense volley of Clenched Fist, Chaos A.D. has few rivals in metals elite pantheon.

Last weekend we asked our readers to vote on their favorite Beatles albums. The votes are counted and here's the top 10 list. It was a ludicrously close battle, with the top LP winning by a mere two votes. (As usual, don't blame us if you disagree with the voting. We merely counted!)

Rubber Soul Is The Best Beatles Album Reddit

Its factory sealed and looks amazing. No record wear or record ring. no rips, tears, or split seams. No creases and an excellent spine. Sharp corners and deep, rich coloring. Breathe holes in the shrink wrap, and the original price sticker is intact. Graded as a VG++ because of a very gentile bump at one corner, and a minor blemish on the back side near the spine. Very close to near mint, and a very beautiful ,still sealed first pressing Rubber Soul album from 1965.

The latest 2013 set itself features original stereo mixes for all of the Beatles albums, from Please Please Me to Let It Be, including Magical Mystery Tour and Past Masters 1 & 2, pressed on 180gm vinyl and present in thick card sleeves along with, in the box set, a magnificent, 253-page hardback book detailing every album and showing superb production standards with lots of spot gloss work on thick paper. The contents of the box set are contained within a sturdy, flip-top box with an outer card sleeve encasing the box. Abbey Road mastering engineer, Sean Magee, worked on this vinyl set for almost four years. The first issue regards the source. Has the vinyl been sourced from the original master tapes? Apparently not.

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