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Air France 2281 (IAC) Lightning-1 (GAF) Casualties: FewOperation Merlin Claw (OMC) was a joint UN-WTO mission led by the Royal Canadian Air Force to put an end to perceived GeoFS Air Force aggression. The Royal Netherlands Air Force, Northern African Forces, United States Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Turkish Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force, Air Wing of the Armed Forces of Malta, EAF, Irish Air Corps, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Air Force, and European Union Forces formed a coalition for the mission.

Srimal Fernando is a doctoral student at India's Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) and the Global Editor of Diplomatic Society for South Africa. He is the recipient of the GCA Media Award for 2016 and the 2018/2019 Best Journalist of the Year award in South Africa.

Although the agency and the armed forces keep all defense information classified, there are reports that the DGFI has the largest budget in the Bangladeshi intelligence community. The DGFI has participated in virtually all paramilitary operations, as well as counter-terrorism and cyberwarfare. [4]DGFI is regarded as one of the world's most feared intelligence agencies due to its aggressive tactics. [5] Human Rights Watch has criticized the agency for its harsh interrogation techniques, targeted killings, assassinations, and involvement with various militant groups. [6] [6] [7] [8]

To summarize, Pakistan's failure as a state is largely due to the operational military-industrial complex, which has been unchecked and unparalleled for decades. It has been a significant impediment to its development. Furthermore, in addition to the numerous domestic ramifications, it has created external difficulties. The military has repeatedly crushed aspirations for a stable South Asia or a peaceful neighborhood as a result of continued warmongering to maintain the complex content. The roots of these relationships run deep in Pakistan's state and society. As a result, weeding out the culprits at all levels, or reducing these elements if necessary, would be required to allow the land to bloom. REFERENCES

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