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I'd want to start a tribe on Ark on Xbox. I have a few friends with whom I have played eith, but some of them have departed, and we are seeking for new players. On the Island map, we play on official servers. I've played Ark on both Xbox and PC, been a member of alpha tribes, and have a lot of knowledge with the game. If you want to join, please contact me.

Others, like myself, want to get their work featured on a huge stage. I'm delighted to announce that Ben Burkart's superb The Center map will be the next to accomplish this ambition. The Center is a fantasy-themed map that effectively doubles the game's size. It adds a ton of additional content, such as biomes, dungeons, ancient ruins, and floating islands. It will be available as an official option map for ARK: Survival Evolved on Xbox One and PC in May! Later this year, we will also release Primitive+ for the Xbox as our first official mod for the platform. This enables other mod developers to experience the same sense of accomplishment that I had when I watched Primitive+ go from a notion in my brain to something that will reach every Xbox One gamer.

Savage Lands seems to have divided its voting base down the middle between love and hatred, but it's worth a go if only for the experience. While very unlike to other survival games of its ilk, Savage Lands does have some excellent aesthetics to its credit. The game's scary monster designs alone are worth the price of admission. The traditional fright factor works beautifully.

A: We have the graphics horsepower, storage speed, and memory with the Xbox Series X|S capabilities to give gamers with a far more detailed and realistic world than previously. We're going to take full use of this as we continue to generate new material and push it even farther as we concentrate our efforts here on next-generation.

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