Are Gon And Hisoka Related

Hisoka had plenty of opportunities to sexually assault Gon if he so desired. For example, during the Badge Hunting phase of the Hunter Exam, Hisoka could essentially do whatever he wanted to Gon, but instead, he saved and challenged Gon in order for him to develop and mature. So, Hisoka is a predator looking for a minor, but instead of a sexual fetish, his fetish is power.

IllumiIllumi makes his first appearance in the form of Gittarackur. In the Hunters Exam arc, Hisoka and Gittarackur appear frequently together. We later learn Gittarackur's true identity and that he and Hisoka knew each other previously. They could be considered friends, but their relationship is more of a give and take arrangement. They collaborate for their own benefit and occasionally assist one another. During Illumi's mission to kill Alluka to ensure everyone's safety in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Hisoka and Illumi are seen working together again. However, Hisoka considers killing Killua just to provoke Illumi into fighting him. Hisoka may not regard Illumi as a friend, but rather as another of his "toys."

"There's only one bed," hisoka morow x reader says. a/n: a very stereotypical fanfic cliche, but yk what? Cringe is how I roll. So here's my rambling about what would happen if you spent an unwelcome night in the same hotel bed as the adultrio. I think I made this a little too long, but who cares? I've got time, you've got time, and an incandescent loneliness to fill, so...

Kite's final test is to find Ging, and since that is the most difficult thing that comes to mind, he accepts it and makes it his own goal. Gon really needs a challenge to help him grow. Gon's Must is related to his Need. Gon appears to believe, as he has stated several times, that the moment he backs away from a challenge, he will never be able to meet Ging. Gon believes that if he backs down, his growth will come to an end. This is why he cannot abandon Hanzo, and why he will not accept winning Greed Island on the cheap or avoiding Razor's ball. In his devotion, Gon feels some kind of obligation to be worthy of facing his father. He sees the hunter exam and Greed Island as obstacles set up by his father for him, which is why he takes them so seriously and feels compelled to overcome them, even if he could easily avoid them.

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