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Yule Log On Direct Tv

When was the first Yule Log broadcast? The first Yule Log film aired on WPIX Channel 11 in New York City on December 24, 1966. Residents of New York City, known for its compact dwellings, appreciated the option to enjoy a fireplace. Since then, several service providers have released their own renditions of the iconic scenario. Families around the nation congregate around the fireplace on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Programs that are similar [Correction] Some television stations and cable channels that have broadcast imitations of The Yule Log simulcast Christmas music from a radio station that is playing it, and prior to 1989, the WPIX version also promoted the same Christmas music in a simulcast over its sister FM station, WPIX-FM (101.9), for those who were unable to view The Yule Log on television (or for those who wanted to listen to the broadcast in stereo, as stereophonic sound was not standard in television, nor were most television sets equipped with high quality sound systems, until the 1990s). [Citation required]

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On Christmas Eve 1966, WPIX aired a burning yule log to New Yorkers, beginning the holiday tradition of showcasing a fireplace on television. To heighten the festive spirit, the performance was accompanied with classic holiday music from the station's FM radio channel. The famous show aired for 23 years until being canceled in 1990. (The new management was worried about the financial implications of conducting an hour-long show without advertisements.) The Yule Log returned to television in 2001 due to popular demand and has been shown every year since. Many other stations and television services have created their own Christmas fireplace adaptations in response to the famous initial show. Some feature background Christmas music, while others play a pleasant crackling sound to simulate a genuine fire. These concerts typically run one to four hours, while some videos may go up to 10 hours.

Directv Yule Log 2020

A Hallmark spokesman informed Heavy that, although there is no new yule log special this year, customers to Hallmark Movies Now may view yule log specials whenever they want. If you're a subscriber, you can watch the 3-hour 2019 special, A Happy & Friends Yule Log, right here. Happy the Cat, Happy the Dog, and gorgeous adoptable kittens and puppies rest and play in front of a toasty fireplace while classic Christmas carols play. Pip Squeak the pig and other lovely creatures make special appearances.


Fireplace for Your Home, Netflix's Christmas fireplace special, is available in three one-hour versions. The original Yule Log shows a full-length film (rather than a looping video like the first Yule Log) of yule logs burning in the fireplace to the tune of Christmas music. The Birchwood Edition has lovely birch branches that are thinner and need more regular replacement. There is no music in this version. The Classic Edition is comparable to the original in that it employs enormous yule-style logs in the fire, but it lacks music, as does the Birchwood edition.

Directv Yule Log 2021

According to Heavy, Hallmark did not air a Yule Log special last year for the first time. A spokesman stated at the time that the Yule Log special would not take place, but that other Christmas specials would. Since 2015, there has been a yule log feature on the Hallmarks website. Yule Log specials from previous years may still be seen on Hallmark Movies Now. Previous years' Yuletide specials may also be seen on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries YouTube channel.

The DC Holiday Yule Log originally appeared on the DC Universe service in 2018, but hasn't been seen in a few years. It's now available on our YouTube channel in a new, ten-hour version that's ideal for playing in the background at holiday parties or whenever you need a touch of festive mood. Just remember to be pleasant this year. You won't want to be on the naughty list with this super-powered team! The holidays are always more fun with friends, so join us in the DC Community on Friday, December 17th for a festive DC Holiday Yule Log Watch-Along! Come stand in front of the fire with your fellow fans!

I understand that PIX was purchased by another firm, and maybe the new owners just do not want to invest money restoring their ROKU channel. According to what I understand, they do not get the channel for free, thus they rely on people reacting to commercials to generate income from the channel.

>More News Videos EMBED With ABC7's yule log live broadcast, you can now bring the romance of the Christmas season into your living room. NORTH POLE: No issue without a fireplace! With our yule log stream, you can bring the romance of the Christmas season into your living room. Do you want to watch on a larger screen? You may now stream anywhere you want: Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku. The phrase "Yuletide" relates to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon celebration of the winter solstice, a time to fire a "yule log" and produce light and warmth amid the bleakness of midwinter. Winter solstice festivities may be traced back to ancient Rome and the Saturnalia, a major event commemorating Saturn. Many comparable traditions exist, such as Yalda, an Iranian solstice festival with origins in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism.

Directv Yule Log Channel

KTXA Channel 21 in Dallas, Texas, had their own Yule Log that had two stockings with the KTXA and KLUV logos, generic advertising, and a somewhat repetitious classic hits station that once fulfilled its holiday traditions from 2013 to 2017. Due to Entercom's purchase of KTXA, the show was terminated in 2017, and KLUV's tradition was relocated to one of its DT stations. Since 2017, the official Overwatch Twitch channel has broadcasted an Overwatch Yule Log. The 2017 version included live video of Jeff Kaplan, the game's design director and Blizzard Entertainment vice president, seated in front of a fireplace. At one time, the feed had 40,000 concurrent watchers. [24] The hoax was replicated in 2018, with visits from Matthew Mercer (voice actor for McCree), Jake, a professional Overwatch player, and Charlet Chung (voice of D.Va). [25]

The Yule Log offends me, according to xIsamuTM. What about a channel dedicated to Menorah Madness? Or a Quanza... what is the holiday item for that, anyway? Click to enlarge... You probably asked with a sly grin, and I went and looked it up because I believed it was something I should have known. The solution seems to be bright pieces of art and clothing that celebrate cultural history. We now understand.

I understand that PIX was purchased by another firm, and maybe the new owners just do not want to invest money restoring their ROKU channel. According to what I understand, they do not get the channel for free, thus they rely on people reacting to commercials to generate income from the channel.

Fireplace Channel on DirecTV People may access the channel and view Yule log on-demand depending on their cable provider. It is the most effective method for individuals to get looping recordings of the wood burning fireplace and arrange them to Christmas tunes. People, on the other hand, may utilize the fireplace in conjunction with the music program. It is the finest way to start a fire, brighten up, and enhance the flavor of music. The directv fireplace channel is the ideal spot for folks to find Yule logs. You may find a variety of Christmas music stations and Yule log stoves.

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