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Google uses cookies and data for the following purposes: If you agree, we will also use cookies and data for the following: The selection of non-personalized content and advertisements may be influenced by whatever content you are now seeing and where you are located (die Anzeigenbereitstellung basiert auf dem allgemeinen Standort). Personalisierte Inhalte und Werbeanzeigen k├Ânnen ebenfalls auf dieser Grundlage beruhen, but also on activities such as Google searches and YouTube videos. To personalize content and advertising, consider things like more relevant results and recommendations, a personalized YouTube homepage, and advertising tailored to your interests. To see your options, click on the Anpassen button. Among them are, for example, control elements that allow you to deactivate cookies for personalization, or information about control elements on the browser level that allow you to deactivate some or all cookies for other purposes. You may always go to if you need to.

See the information in the resulting dialog box for instructions on how to address the problem. To see a photo or video clip, for example, you may be requested to install a graphics filter. If the current graphics import filter is missing, corrupted, or incompatible, you may also get an error notice.

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