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Wonder Woman Black And White Comics

Diana acquires Ares' celestial talents after becoming the God of War in the pages of Wonder Woman. Diana has not yet shown her entire range of abilities as War, although she is seen in Superman/Wonder Woman #8 readily sliding into telepathic contact with a soldier, stating "I'm War. I know every soldier, and they know who I am." [192] DC Comics Universe [revision]

ON SALE 11/23/21 | $5.99 | 40 PGS| 6 of 6 | Prestige Format Nothing gold can last, even this incredible Wonder Woman tribute tastefully displayed in her trademark hues! It all comes to an end with our hero saving a life that will save millions more, a heroic climate catastrophe, a body swap with one of her biggest adversaries, and more!

Diana is the greatest fighter ever born among the Amazons of Themyscira. She is a master of armed and unarmed fighting, having mastered practically every weapon ever created (particularly the bow and javelin) as well as the unique Amazonian martial arts systems. Wonder Woman is the finest melee fighter in the world, according to Batman. Diana is also an adept strategist and tactician, skilled in the skills of leadership, persuasion, and diplomacy, and she has a great degree of bravery. She is an exceptional leader.

Furthermore, they are virtually entirely represented as masculine. When women are displayed in the background, as they are here, they follow the classic Marston/Peter formula, in that they seem more human and desirable than their bestial partners. Marston even experiment with the notion of giving these ladies a more prominent (and domineering) role in one panel:

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