White Stone Fireplace With Dark Wood Mantel

This makeover has earned a lot of harsh feedback on Instagram. Here's the thing: I loved our fireplace before and I like it now; they're just two very different styles, and what it came down to for me was that the dark brown stone just didn't fit into the aesthetic of our downstairs. It was excessively heavy, and it dragged down the living room corner, and my objective was to make it seem less like a main point and more like a comfortable accent corner. At the end of the day, you must consider the area as a whole, rather than the particular fireplace. And I now feel like it's the proper match for our current home. It was a reasonably cheap remedy, but maybe one day we will remove it and do something altogether different.

Form versus function is at its finest in this combined living room/family room. It's formal enough for a cocktail dinner yet casual enough for a football game. The wrap-around sectional seats 5-6 people, and the big ottoman allows everyone to put their feet up! The high-back, styled wing chair provides comfort and a reading light. Decorative accessories are stored in custom-built bookshelves, freeing up table top room for beverages, literature, and other items. For simple access, magazines and current reading are neatly kept in the rattan tray. The room's general neutral color scheme is accentuated by delicate tints of blue. Michael Costa took the photograph of LORRAINE G VALE.

The area surrounding a fireplace is one of those places in a house where friends and family might congregate. Stone fireplaces, in particular, can be a spectacular focal point in any living space, particularly if constructed from floor to ceiling. Uneven or dry piled stone fireplaces have a raw, natural appearance, but neater stone tiles or painted stone fireplaces have a more updated, contemporary appearance. There are several ways to design the mantel and hearth to make the most of your stone fireplace. Consider installing a flat-screen TV above the fireplace or decorating the area surrounding the firebox with vases, candelabra, or mirrors to offer another layer of utility.

Whitewashing decorative and non-working hearths and fireplaces is a good way to make them seem trendy and attractive, with accents of shabby chic and an effortlessly sophisticated air. Depending on the aesthetic you desire, cover them with a great fake whitewashed matching mantel or even a stained one. A whitewashed fireplace is a great addition to nearly any room, from rustic and classic to shabby chic and girly. Check out the gallery below for more ideas!

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