White Sti With Carbon Fiber Hood

If you want to buy high-quality Subaru performance parts online, you should do it from a reputable provider. We have a wealth of knowledge in this field and have access to some of the finest components available. As a result, we promise that your Subaru will be outfitted with dependable and cost-effective Subaru performance components. So, if you want to enhance the way your automobile performs or works, browse our whole online inventory right now. /p>p> /p> /p>

QUICK INSTALL GUIDE: Installing the vinyl on your automobile is simple and simply takes a felt edge squeegee. Make sure your car is cold to the touch before you begin placing any vinyl overlays - early morning before driving is a great time to apply our vinyls. You should first clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol. Once the surface is clean, you are ready to install. Begin by arranging the overlay in accordance with the body lines. Begin from the middle and push the air out from below the vinyl toward the edges using your finger or a felt edge squeegee. Finally, remove any extra bubbles before leaving your vehicle in the sun for 30 minutes to let everything to settle. This whole procedure should take no more than 20 minutes. INSTALL THE VINYL IN A DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR HIGH TEMPERATURE AREA. FEATURES

Among our many interior additions is the a href="">strong>

STI steering wheel made of carbon fiber/strong>/a> That truly adds a race-inspired touch to your car's interior. Weight-reducing body panels, for example, can significantly improve your WRX or STI's power-to-weight ratio. This includes many alternatives for an a href="">strong> STI carbon trunk 2015/strong>/a> a href="">strong> Carbon fiber wing for the 2015 WRX <\/strong><\/a> will undoubtedly eliminate substantial weight while delivering massive downforce to the rear end of your WRX or STI. Other 2015 WRX JDM components and accessories that will give your vehicle an aggressive appearance are the a href="">strong> smoked taillights on a 2015 Subaru WRX/strong>/a> . ","published at":"2019-08-05T14:50:22-0400","sort order":"best-selling","template suffix":"","disjunctive":true,"rules":["column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition":"WRX 15+" "src":"","id":154151387238,"handle":"subaru-wrx-sti","title":"Subaru WRX STI","updated at":"2022-05"-19 Over $199, delivery is free, and worldwide shipping is available! In-stock items are sent the same day. Shop now with JDMuscle, the brand you can rely on.
","published at":"2019-10-31T18:47:42-04:00","sort order":"best-selling","template suffix":"","disjunctive":true,"rules": ["column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition":"Subaru STI 2015-2017"], "column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition":"Subaru STI 2018-2019", "column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition":"Subaru STI 2004-2007", "column":"title","relation":"contains","condition":"STI", "column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition":"STI", "column":"tag","relation":"equals","condition ],"published scope":"global","image":"created at": "2020-07-19T09:10:52-04:00","alt":null,"width":1500,"height":1500,"src":"https:\/\/ \/s\/files\/1\/0075\/8703\/7237\/collections\/V3 Grille 17.png?v=1595164253"}}, {"id":163661774950,"handle":"trending","title":"Trending","updated at":"2022-05-19T06:40:28-04:00","body html":"","published at":"2020-09-16T14:05:09-04:00", "sort order":"best-selling","template suffix":"","disjunctive":true,"rules": ["column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Perrin Performance" "column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Vland","column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Killer B","column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Seibon","column":"vendor","relation "column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Extreme Turbo Systems"], "column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Torque Solution"], "column":"vendor","relation":"equals","condition":"Whiteline" Wishlist Options for Product Price and Quantity

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