Walking Into Work Late Meme

And, to return to the preceding meme, although you are creative and cheerful as a late person, you must also remind others who complain about your tardiness that at least you are showing up. This meme is perfect because there is always that one person who complains when someone is constantly late to things, and the next time someone does that, just look them in the eyes and say "I'm gracing you with my presence"— as in, at least you are there, regardless of whether you are 10 minutes to an hour late. You found a way to make it rather than not arriving at all, as many individuals who are usually late do. You determined that coming up late was preferable than not showing up at all. Don't let the naysayers get to you; you do you! Share Email Share Tweet

Other Legends

Back when I was single, had no kids, no responsibilities, and obviously no idea of time, I managed to miss daylight saving time and not realize it until I arrived an hour late to work on Monday. My supervisor couldn't decide which was worse: the likelihood that I was lying or my aimless, floating existence. A colleague told me that he didn't show up to work because he believes his one-night stand knocked him unconscious. I once told a manager that I couldn't come to work because I was allergic to my Christmas tree and that I would have to de-ornament and dispose of it. I was allergic, but the pathetic explanation makes me squirm now that I'm older. In one month, an employee lost four grandparents.

Good advice: only quit when absolutely necessary. There are times when you should strive and others when you should give up. When the war is lost, know when to surrender. Respect your own needs and disregard others who would criticize you for doing what is best, even if it means admitting helplessness. Knowing when to quit is part of being genuine to yourself. 19. When someone informs you that you have wounded them, you do not have the right to argue that you did not.

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