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Three Days Grace comes in top. The Empire has almost taken the globe, and everyone but the extremely wealthy few is suffering. Many slums and ghettos are surrounded by towering barriers. The material of Three Days Grace depicts the everyday lives and sufferings of individuals from different socioeconomic classes in this hellhole. Many of the songs, such as Home, Animal I Have Become, and Chalk Outline, are quite personal, although there are a few Protest Songs sprinkled throughout, such as One X. Tensions are slowly but steadily rising. Part 2 of this narrative is about Linkin Park. Tensions are at an all-time high, with demonstrators openly battling with police on the streets. Some citizens are attempting to ignore the fight; after all, many of them have their own fish to fry (Crawling, Don't Stay, In The End, and so on), but others are starting to take up weapons against the government (Rebellion, The Catalyst, Jornada Del Muerto). Things are rapidly deteriorating. Then comes the shot heard around the globe...

The majority of the songs on Linkin Park's first two studio albums are conflicting parts of a person with split personality disorder.

It pertains to the majority of the songs; they're all rants at an unidentified "you," and the majority of them include lyrics about inward suffering and self-harm. It doesn't work for everyone, but the ones with a distinct rapping/singing duality often seem to be addressing and yelling at each other. Even songs that don't have this structure make references to it ("Against my will, I stand by my own reflection" in Crawling, and essentially all of Don't Stay). Figure.09 seems to be the nameless protagonist's flashback "Origin Story" of this condition... and then "Numb," the closing song on the second album, is him ultimately conquering the disorder and freeing himself of the "voice in the back of [his] skull."

Today, 1nonly returns with "Stalking," a spring-loaded banger featuring frequent collaborator shady MOON. Listen to it HERE. The new song highlights the young shapeshifter's gothic, baritone glides and knack for catchy, viral-worthy melodies. The rousing track also has a surprisingly inspiring message about recovering your power and freedom. "Stalking" opens with soft acoustic guitar chords and lovely vocals before transitioning into 1nonly's bass-heavy, phonk-influenced lyricism. "You should've never swapped me for him," he raps before telling his ex to "stop chasing me, stop snatching shirts, yes I need my s back."

. Despite the fact that this was a warzone, Klinger wore a different dress/frilly feminine attire every week. Jamie Farr once described the strange sensation he had while entering the clothes area. All of the outfits were on racks that were labeled with the performers' names. There's an army outfit beside Mike Farrell's rack. If you go by Alan Alda's rack, you'll see a uniform, a bathrobe, and perhaps a Hawaiian shirt. When you go to Jamie's rack(s), you'll find an unending supply of frocks, dresses, skirts, and bonnets. He said that the tartan plaid skirt was the most comfy of them. An unsuccessful escape attempt on Gilligan's Island... Welcome Back, Kotter's uncle jokes.

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