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Tv Series Bat Masterson Tv Show

The picture is an example of a ticket confirmation email provided by AMC after you bought your ticket. Your Ticket Confirmation # may be found in your email's header, which says "Your Ticket Reservation Details." It says "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number just below it. This 10-digit number serves as your confirmation code. Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# may be found in the email that confirmed your purchase.

On October 4, 1878, a variety actress called Dora Hand, professionally known as "Fannie Keenan," was shot and murdered by James Kenedy, son of rich Texas cattleman Miflin Kenedy. Masterson's posse, which included Wyatt Earp and Bill Tilghman, apprehended Kenedy the next day after Masterson shot him in the left arm and killed his horse. [10] [edit] Royal Gorge Railroad War

Some years ago, I began collecting as many old 1950s and early 1960s westerns as I could remember from my childhood days of viewing anything I wanted to see. Westerns have dominated the tube since the days of the singing cowboys. Only Roy Rogers remained from the group. Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans were their generation's Donnie and Marie Osmond, but my favorite character was Nellie Belle, the cantankerous Jeep. I saved Gene Barry as Bart Bat Masterson for last among the various titles I had. Perhaps not my wisest choice. An eight-disc set has 24 hours of television and, I believe, more than 60 half-hour programs. A half hour in the 1950s was around 20 minutes. I adored the beautiful gentleman trip hero, who was equally skilled with his glossy topped cane and his modestly sized six shooter. Given Wyatt Erps' Buntline special, undoubtedly the lawman's most powerful handgun decades before Dirty Harry, and when contrasted to Steve McQueen's (Josh Randel) short mares leg rifle, Bat's little pistol was more in keeping with a gentle men do gooder debate closing.

This is not a malicious review, however fans should be advised to avoid this specific set. The Bat Masterson 11 DVD SET comprises, without a doubt, the worst new DVDs I've ever seen. This is an ATI brand with blurry visuals, blurred to the point of being unable to detect detail if characters are dressed in dark attire, and sounds that are out of sync. Overall, it's terrible and would be a huge letdown for everyone. I had have Season 1 from MGM, which is actually remastered and of fantastic quality. I felt it would be convenient to have all four seasons in one place. Seasons 2 and 3 are available on high-quality MGM DVDs. Seller had the audacity to say, "It may be my view, but..." As if I don't understand the concept of quality? Sorry, but I've purchased worn DVDs with marks on them at pawn shops that play and sound better. Overall, not a good experience. I received a refund (minus postage). These DVDs would not appeal to any real enthusiast of vintage television.

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