Transformers Combiner Wars Episode 6

Windblade, enraged by Prime's intervention, assaults him, but is unable to score a single blow on the experienced Autobot, who assumes she is trying to murder Starscream. Optimus tells Windblade to return to Caminus to help her people rebuild after quickly beating her, until she reminds him that the council possesses the Enigma of Combination, which she was aiming to destroy. Fearing that such a task is difficult, Optimus sadly comments that there may be just one creature who can assist them. 4 "Unforgettable"

On November 11, 2016, Machinima announced Transformers: Titans Return, a sequel series. The show will launch in 2017. [10] Peter Cullen played Optimus Prime, Judd Nelson played Rodimus Prime, Michael Dorn played Fortress Maximus, Wil Wheaton played Perceptor, Nolan North played Metroplex, Jason David Frank played Emissary, MatPat played Computron, and Kari Wahlgren played Victorion. Meanwhile, Windblade, Megatron, Starscream, the Mistress of Flame, and Menasor from Combiner Wars were reprised by Abby Trott, Jason Marnocha, Frank Todaro, Lana McKissack, and Charlie Guzman. [11]

Starscream has always been the bad guy. Being second-in-command to Megatron made leadership a tantalizing possibility for the Decepticon, and for a long time he schemed, struck, failed, and then schemed again, never losing up on the ambition of gaining charge. Then, all of a sudden, the dream came true. Starscream now sits on Cybertron's governing council with Rodimus Prime and the Camien Mistress of Flame, and his hunger for power has been replaced by a newfound sense of duty. With the start of the Combiner Wars, leadership has become a hefty responsibility, one that has permanently transformed Starscream. Starscream, soaring through the heavens, switches off his engines, changes, and falls for a few minutes. He changes again and soars above the planet that is now his responsibility, just above Cybertron's greatest spires.

MRE 2018.05.20: Not too shabby. I really liked how Generation 1 Transformers were utilised. It was great to see the original Optimus and Megatron, as well as Devistator and Starscream, back in action. The storyline was, uh, OK. The shortness of this did not make it seem like a movie (even when combined (no pun intended), but it also did not feel like an episode. When paired with part two (which is not available on Amazon as of this writing), it felt like a movie. If you are unfamiliar with the back story (like I was), there is just enough information provided in a few flashbacks to let you comprehend the essentials. The overuse of grunts, screams, and dramatic pauses in Japanese animation was grating.

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