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RELATED: Top Gun: 5 Reasons Why It's The Most Iconic Film Of The 1980s (And 5 Reasons It Doesn't) There are so many legendary sequences and events that fans remember, but some of the words are just as unforgettable as Maverick's epic aerial dogfights. As the long-awaited sequel comes, it seems like a good moment to reflect on the finest quotations from the first Top Gun, and we've added 5 more to our list, for a total of 15 greatest.

While it's been criticized of being a protracted military recruiting campaign, its tangerine sunsets have a certain nostalgia and romance about them. The series about elite pilots vying for the title of "Top Gun" is also not in the "danger zone," since it will continue in 2020 with a follow-up picture for a new age. Here are some Top Gun memes that genuine fans will find entertaining. MAVERICK BUZZING THE CONTROL TOWER: 10 ODDS

It's about time we spoke about Top Gun, not because the Tony Scott-directed film celebrated its 34th anniversary on May 16th, or because we were, once upon a time, totally prepared for Top Gun: Maverick to visit cinemas this summer. No, the true reason we need to speak about Top Gun is to explore the influence of Maverick's (Tom Cruise) and Goose's (Anthony Edwards) passionate, loving relationship, which emphasizes essential issues in this otherwise showy, hyper-masculine '80s action film. Before we go any further, I must state unequivocally that no disrespect is meant towards the great, Kelly McGillis. McGillis is fantastic as Charlie, the guy Top Gun would have us think is Maverick's love interest. Unfortunately, Maverick's true loves are F-14 Tomcats, Goose, and Charlie, or Goose, F-14 Tomcats, and Charlie. But, no matter how you organize it, Charlie comes in last.

What about this one? Self-explanatory. So, as we prepare to celebrate another Top Gun Day, now is a wonderful opportunity to dust up and share your favorite phrases. Visit your local grocery store and inform the individual in front of you that the hard deck for this hop was six feet. You were aware of it, and you broke it. They'll probably understand what you mean and back off. Speed past an officer at 20 miles per hour above the speed limit to let them know you're not going to be happy till you're driving Mach 2 with your hair on fire. That won't spare you from a ticket, but it will make you both giggle. Meanwhile, get out the callsign generator, pre-order the film in 4K, and prepare for the sequel. It's going to be a Top Gun year.

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