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1/8 Who is this incredibly attractive dog? Dogg Dage Doggo Doge 2/8 What is this lady yelling about? A server Cena, John Spongebob A kitty 3/8 courtesy of Giphy What is this? The Stone Cena, John Hulk Hogan's The Bumblebee Man ADVERTISMENT Continue the quiz Continue with the quiz 4/8 Finish this guy's name: Hugo __ Hide the Pain Joe Harold Bernard 5/8 What's the deal with this cat? It is Grumpy. It's gloomy. It is concerned It is enraged. 6/8 Fox's Futurama What is the usual caption for this meme? I'm not sure... I'm not sure... It's most likely... It may not be... ADVERTISMENT Continue the quiz Continue with the quiz 7/8 Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants CaPtIoNs For ThIs mEmE aRe NoRmAlLy WrItTeN wItTh tHe LeTtErS LiKe ThIs, TrUe Or FalSe? fAlSe TrUe 8/8 8/8 Which of these galactic brains will arrive first? What about this one? Or how about this one? Perhaps this one? This one may be it! Oh, no! This score does not impress Doge. Never mind, how about another quiz? Not terrible at all! Can you outperform this result on another quiz? Excellent work! Doge is overjoyed. Amazing! Excellent! Doge is blown away! Take the quiz again! ADVERTISMENT Continue the quiz

Dr. Andrew Spark of the Queensland University of Technology recently talked with Bored Panda about the fallacies surrounding introversion. Dr. Spark, who has studied the relationship between introversion and leadership, emphasized to us that introverts see social interaction differently than extroverts, which may influence their professional trajectories and positions.

It's a free online image builder that allows you to add resizable text, photos, and other elements to templates. People often utilize the generator to alter pre-existing memes, such as those featured in Imgflip's Meme Templates collection. You may, however, upload your own templates or start from scratch using blank templates. What is a meme?

So, sure, it's fairly amusing. And these memes speak to me about our everyday conditions at work. And you are completely correct. We at ID are fully aware of the issues around antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial stewardship. My objective through Twitter is not simply to contact the ID where we already know there is a problem. But if non-ID doctors and the non-medical population can see the value of resistance and stewardship, that's a terrific way to reach the people, you know? Absolutely. So, do you have any favorites you'd want to share? I just included a few of my favorites. Proceed. We can connect to them even if they are a podcast.

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