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Tamara White Mobile Al

The driver and another passenger in the car were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for injuries sustained in the incident, but White died at the site. Tamara's mother Tammy told AL.com in 2017 that the home hasn't been the same since Tamara departed. She had so many fantasies. She was such a cheerful lady.

According to police, at least one of the rounds fired injured White. According to authorities, Wallace left the area on foot. Two witnesses tried to drive White to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries. The motorist lost control of her car while driving to the hospital, off the road, and collided with a tree near the junction of Springhill Avenue and Florence Place.

Judge Basenburg accepted his not guilty plea and set bail at $150,000 with a cash component of $5,000. Judge Basenburg stated his worry about youths bringing firearms to the full courtroom before announcing his preliminary hearing date. "We need to solve the issue of every 16-, 18-, and 19-year-old walking around with a pistol," Basenburg added. "If they get into a confrontation, they feel compelled to pull it out and start shooting."

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