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Enough is spoken about the Jussie Smollett scandal. The inquiry has shifted from Smollett being the victim of a homophobic, racial assault to what seems to be a fake. The Chicago Police Department has gone above and above to give Smollett the benefit of the doubt, and the investigation has now taken a new turn. That may be seen as a delicate way of indicating that we no longer accept his account. Here's some free counsel. When you hear of a race-related incident that includes a noose, your BS detector should go out. It looks, and I emphasize appears, that Smollett is a phony who orchestrated a horrific deception, rather than a victim. If this is accurate, Smollett committed a hate crime against three populations, hitting the trifecta by smearing whites, men, and heterosexuals all at the same time. If he is proved to have made a fraudulent report, he should face harsh punishment.

The sheriff added he would also pursue punishment for someone who did something similar in his county: someone who slowed down emergency services because their driver refused to roll up a window in the midst of a COVID-19 emergency and the motorist had the window down for his own safety.

I've never met her, but witnessing her reaction to 911 calls and then blaming it on her skin color or gender is ludicrous," he told Doocy.

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However, the four-time NBA champion ultimately removed the tweet, explaining his reasoning in a series of subsequent messages.

ANGER is not beneficial for anybody, even myself! However, gathering all of the data and educating people does! My rage remains for what happened to that little kid. My condolences to her family, and may justice be served! April 21, 2021, LeBron James (@KingJames)

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