Shaggy Wasnt Me Meme

Halloween may be passed, but the costume memes continue to flow courtesy to The Little Mermaid Live! During the Tuesday night presentation of ABC's semi-live-action remake of Disney's iconic cartoon classic, audiences couldn't take their eyes off one specific performer: Shaggy. The It Wasn't Me singer, who played Ariel's (Aulii Cravalho) crab sidekick Sebastian, wore an all-red ensemble that mimicked Michael Jackson's famous all-red appearance in the Thriller music video. The outfit included red boots, red pants, a red leather jacket, and, most importantly, red fingerless leather gloves in lieu of claws, a detail that was not lost on the internet.

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Steve Scheye, a backer of the recall campaign, is all in. At a place like this, we're getting 100 autographs every day. Scheye stated as he put up a Recall Gavin Newsom sign across the street from the Costco in Antioch, "When I first began, I was getting 10, 20 a day." Scheye has been collecting signatures for the recall on a daily basis since losing his engineering job due to the COVID-19 closure. He claims that a diverse group of individuals have signed the petition.

Shaggy said, "I have a sense the director really wanted that type of vibe — of a person who really simply can't sing —- and he's just expressing himself." He added that he didn't advise Kutcher on his performance. So that was fantastic. And witnessing Kutcher and Kunis in a film was an acting education in and of itself, according to Shaggy.

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