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Sarcastic You Don't Say Memes

See more ideas about you dont say meme, funny memes, and you dont say. 61 amusing clean memes that you'll adore rated e for. You don't claim you don't know your meme, do you? Meme Jokes You Don't Say. See more ideas about you dont say meme, sarcastic memes, and hilarious memes. It might be the beginning of a song lyric or a circumstance to which you have a ready reaction.

In terms of the virality of the material, the operation was a success. The Rage comic that used him as the protagonist instantly made its message evident, which resonated with thousands of users, who in turn spread Cages' stylized visage well beyond the bounds of Reddit and the rest of the internet world. The rest is history: You don't say still today is a phrase most Internet users identify with Nicholas Cage's exaggeratedly disbelieving look, used to sarcastically characterize predictable statements or circumstances.


You don't say is an idiomatic word used to indicate surprise or shock, but it may also be used sarcastically in response to an obvious assertion. The picture of Nicolas Cage was taken from a scene in the 1988 dark comedy film Vampire's Kiss, which follows a problematic literary agent who goes insane after imagining himself that he is turning into a vampire. His distinct face was inspired by a scene in which Cage's character Peter Loew torments his secretary in a horrible way.

Everyone is unique, and everyone acts differently. As a result, you can't expect everyone to constantly be on the same page as you. You will be offended, insulted, and even angered at times. It's critical to be able to respond with the proper snarky meme. Check out our fantastic selection below and begin saving your favorites. You never know when you'll need a good clapback.

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