Red White And Blue Braves Jersey

The Native American chief hasn't featured on a uniform since 1972, despite being the team's official emblem until 1990. It has never featured on the team's cap, which has been inscribed with a single letter to signify the team's hometown from the days when it displayed a B for Boston. 1876 Atlanta Braves Jersey Patch

(I warned you that this was a useless mental fixation.)

Before I go any further, let me clarify: The Braves have worn throwback jerseys from the 1981-86 period on occasion, but only on the road, which means they've worn the equally legendary baby blue away jersey several times. In fact, even at home, those baby blue jerseys remain the go-to nostalgia point for '80s-themed Braves throwbacks and promotions. Honestly, always.

There has been no indication on whether the Milwaukee Brewers, the Braves' opponents, and the only other current Major League organization for whom Aaron played will be wearing throwback jerseys for the two games.

From May 6 through May 31, fans will be able to bid on game-worn throwback Braves jerseys online. The auction proceeds will help the Henry Louis Aaron Fund.

The early Boston National League teams were known as the Boston Nationals and wore simply the city's name or an old English B on their jerseys. The Nationals started putting BOSTON over their breast in 1901. However, the newly founded Boston Americans team also emblazoned BOSTON over their chests and wore a cap identical to the Nationals'. This resulted in identity issues over the following several years. To differentiate themselves from the Americans, the Nationals altered their moniker multiple times and utilized the Old English B. A uniform change in 1912 marked the beginning of the Braves organization and its split from the crosstown Red Sox.

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