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Rainbow and her crew make a short appearance in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #96, when they drop off Fluttershy's squad in Abyssinia before continuing on to their own goal.

Rainbow's crew arrives in Orinithia in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #100, where they meet the royal family and learn about the Orinithian Elements of Harmony and the tale of the Knights of Harmony. Soon later, one of the Knights, Ceridwen, attacks them. Rainbow unwillingly abandons her squad in order to return to Equestria and alert Twilight that the Knights are on their way. Mage Meadowbrook is seen tending to Rainbow's wounds in Issue #101. She assists her allies in the ultimate fight with the Knights of Order in Issue #102.

Twilight makes a cameo appearance at the beginning of the film, during an imagined sequence depicting a playtime session between Sunny Starscout, Hitch Trailblazer, and Sprout Cloverleaf that goes awry when Sprout acts as if Rarity were an evil unicorn due to prejudices between the three pony races resurfacing after Twilight's implied passing. Sunny's Twilight toy makes many cameos at her home throughout the film, and her cutie mark appears as a sign in both Sunny's notebook and a window of an abandoned Zephyr Heights airport. She is also addressed indirectly when Sunny's father, Argyle Starshine, tells Sunny a bedtime tale about her and her companions' travels. Friendship is Magic is a comic book series [edit].

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