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Prozac For Anxiety Reddit

Hi! Because of my nervousness, I went to see a psychiatrist for the first time today. I've always been worried, but it's recently had a significant influence on my health. The doctor recommended Prozac 20mg, which I had to take every morning. Has anybody used Prozac to treat anxiety? I simply find it odd since I'm not depressed. I'm likewise concerned about the adverse effects and am debating whether or not to take it.

However, the FDA has issued black box warnings for both Zoloft and Prozac, stating that both drugs may raise the risk of suicide thoughts in children, adolescents, and young adults. They also demand that parents, guardians, and healthcare personnel regularly watch these age groups for an increase or exacerbation of suicide thoughts. the most effective approach to attempt therapy

Lexapro (Escitalopram): In the United States, this SSRI is licensed to treat both generalized anxiety disorder and depression. It differs from the medicine Celexa in that it is regarded to be more effective. Within the first week of using this medication, several persons see a considerable reduction in their generalized anxiety symptoms. Lexapro and Celexa are both thought to be equally beneficial for panic disorder. Zoloft (Sertraline): This is an SSRI that has been licensed to treat anxiety disorders such as OCD, panic attacks, and social anxiety disorders. It has also been shown to help with physical signs of anxiety such as heart palpitations and blushing. This is largely recognized as one of the finest anxiety antidepressants.

When Using Prozac, Take These Precautions

You should be informed that this prescription contains inactive components. As a result, before using fluoxetine, you should contact your doctor if you have any allergies. Aside from that, it's a good idea to inform your doctor about your whole medical history, including that of your family.

Fluoxetine For Anxiety Reddit

This is an uncommon adverse effect of pharmaceuticals that operate on serotonin, such as Prozac, but it may occur if you take many drugs that alter serotonin levels, which can overwhelm your system. Serotonin syndrome causes symptoms such as fever, agitation, enhanced reflexes, tremors, sweating, dilated pupils, and diarrhea, and requires hospitalization, according to Hermann. 6. Weight or Appetite Changes

Off-label drug usage occurs when a doctor prescribes a medicine authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a use for which it was not approved. A doctor, on the other hand, may continue to use the medicine for that reason. This is due to the fact that the FDA oversees medication testing and approval but not how physicians utilize pharmaceuticals to treat their patients. As a result, your doctor may prescribe a medicine in whichever way they believe is best for your treatment. Learn more about what it means to take an off-label medicine.

Fluvoxamine was the first selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) to enter clinical trials. Although it was initially created as an antidepressant (Wilde et al 1993) (for which it is licensed in many countries except the United States), its most common use is in the treatment of anxiety disorders, notably obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It was the first medicine approved in the United States for the treatment of OCD in adults, and later in children. A number of research on fluvoxamine in different anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder (SAD) and its eastern analogue taijin kyofusho, have been conducted in recent years (fluvoxamine was the first SSRI to be licensed in Japan). Fluvoxamine has been shown to have anxiolytic action in a variety of animal models, including the ultrasonic rat pup vocalization test, anticipatory anxiety in mice, and schedule-induced polydipsia in rats ( Njunge and Handley 1991 ; Olivier et al 1993 ; Woods et al 1993 ).

When administered alone, Prozac may raise the chance of manic episodes in patients with bipolar illness. Disorders of blood coagulation. If you use blood thinners like warfarin, Prozac may increase your risk of bleeding. If you use blood thinners like warfarin, Prozac may increase your risk of bleeding. If you're pregnant or nursing, It is unknown if Prozac is safe to use during pregnancy or during nursing. If you are pregnant or nursing, see your doctor about the advantages and dangers of Prozac.

Prozac For Social Anxiety Reddit

Is there anybody who has had success with Prozac for social anxiety? How much did you raise the dose before it worked? I'm just two weeks on 20 mg (exactly two weeks tomorrow), but I'm prepared to give it two months if necessary. I'm desperate to improve. I'm also beginning treatment. My anxiety is really high right now, which I attribute to the fact that I haven't gotten acclimated to taking Prozac. I'm hoping this helps since I'm just 18 and don't want my worry to destroy my life. It's rather harsh. Keep your fingers crossed.

The study was completed by 13 of the 16 patients. Due to significant side effects, three individuals (18.8 percent) were unable to finish the experiment. Ten (81.2 percent) of the 13 remaining patients were judged responders, while three were classified nonresponders. Measures of social anxiety and phobic avoidance improved significantly from baseline to endpoint, with a p.005 significance level. Responders to fluoxetine were more likely to be older at the outset of social phobia symptoms and to have had the disorder for a shorter period of time. These data imply that fluoxetine may be beneficial in the treatment of social phobia. Double-blind research will be necessary to study these results further.


I'm sorry; I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but I hope you're well educated on the long-term and even short-term usage of antidepressants.

They simply don't function all that well. I don't believe it's a smart idea to start taking medications since you'll be unable to function the tablets sooner or later. It's a vicious spiral in which you just need more medicines to undo what you caused by taking antidepressants in the first place. What is it that makes humans so wonderful? This is not always the case, but it happens often enough, so pick cautiously. Before you start using medications, you should attempt meditation practices. That is my recommendation. Consume more multivitamin juice and eat healthily. Why do you constantly have drugs, drugs, drugs with you?

So, whenever you are apprehensive in social settings, keep this in mind. I've been there, and it's awful. I understand your anguish. The issue with social anxiety is that it will most certainly interfere with your performance. It takes a lot of energy to network. It requires that you pay attention, retain things, concentrate, keep your body in a certain position, and check your speech (Are you talking too much? Too few? ), ask the proper questions, listen, and so on. There are several aspects to consider. It is stressful by nature and takes more electrons to fire in your brain than watching Breaking Bad. Being nervous will not help you handle your stress properly.

Prozac Increased Anxiety Reddit

At one time, I was taking 40 mg of Prozac every day. And it did help; I felt better after approximately two weeks. Everyone, however, is unique. And not all medications function the same way for everyone. Because our bodies are unique. However, after a time on that dosage, I got quite hyper. My new Psychiatrist gradually reduced my medication until I was on a much lesser amount, and now the doctor has me totally off of it. But in my situation, I have Aspergers, and I should not have been on any psychiatric medication. But, as I previously said, everyone is different and responds differently, therefore my major worry for you is your desperation. My advise to you is to contact your doctor and discuss your feelings and worries. I hope this was useful to you.

I've been on 20mg for three weeks. I realize that's not much time, and I'll have to wait much longer to see the results. I felt fine after the first three or four days, and excellent by day seven. However, when I was on this prescription 6/7 years ago, it worked practically immediately. My mind was clear, I felt serene, and I didn't want to die or flee. But that's not the case this time.

This continued around two weeks until the assaults ended completely. Since then, I've had two or three bouts in about a week. I was nauseated with stress, overthinking everything, and becoming absolutely unreasonable, and I thought they would never end. THIS WILL END. I guarantee it. You simply have to stick with it.

I've been on Prozac 60mg for a week and my anxiety has skyrocketed. I'm taking it for GAD, intrusive thoughts, and now melancholy caused by anxiety... Over the previous seven years, I've taken a variety of antidepressants, including Prozac. Has anybody else had these side effects, and how long did it take for you to observe an improvement? Please respond.

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