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Pray For Me Leftist Meme

not been a comparable outpouring of social media solidarity for Lebanon, which had experienced a similar terrorist assault the day before Paris. An op-ed in the Washington Post questioned if social media support was narcissistic, or at the very least unhelpful to the victims of the assaults. Furthermore, many people chastised social media platforms for using tragedies to increase use and interaction.

Im tormented by the words of Tolstoys most iconic characters: I dont comprehend, I surely do not understand, why mankind cant exist without war.

You'd think mankind has forgotten the precepts of its holy Savior, who taught love and forgiveness of sins, and that its greatest worth is found in the skill of mutual killing.

The Gemini season is nearly here! FLQ III (he/him) (@TheQUINNINGTeam) pic.twitter.com/vfcAR2BJ8Z 11 March 2022 This page could not be loaded. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME STARTS THIS WEEKEND! This implies that it will be lighter later and we will all lose an hour of sleep. How do you feel about Daylight Saving Time? Should we retain it or throw it away? Please weigh in > https://t.co/a761BhUnUo #IAMUP pic.twitter.com/E4lI9q0Czk WFAA Daybreak (@WFAADaybreak) March 11, 2022

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