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Positions Black And White Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been in the public spotlight from the age of 15 and has progressed from Nickelodeon adolescent to one of the most famous worldwide phenomenon. From being the show's young Victoria to being a global pop phenomenon, she had a huge wardrobe transformation. Her distinct style has kept her in the public glare on a frequent basis. Ariana Grande came to prominence as a result of her long hair and high boots. She rose to prominence in the music business with hits like Thank U, Next, Dangerous Woman, and others. She became a worldwide star and had a large following. She changed her profession from acting to full-time singing, and her lovely dimple grin has been an irresistible appeal ever since.

The Positions music video is noteworthy for a variety of reasons, but the fashion is a testimony to how fashion, sexuality, and power are instruments that all women have at their disposal for global dominance. In this video, Grande harnesses the confidence of political leaders such as United States Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former First Lady Michelle Obama to remind the world that women do it better. In some ways, Grande's amazing combination of refinement and empowerment for journals like LOOK embodies the future of fashion and fashion journalism. View the song video here:

Grande tweeted that "Positions" would be available tomorrow night, implying that the song will be available at midnight on Friday.

Grande recently hinted that she would release a new album in October. The 27-year-most old's recent album, Thank U, Next, was published in February 2019, and it included the songs "Thank U, Next," "7 Rings," and "Break Up with Your Girlfriend."

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However, some social media users believe the star's new appearance is a stunning shift from prior popular opinions of her. Many followers claimed that they didn't identify Grande in the new photographs at first look.

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