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Any WWE fan worth their salt knows that wrestler-actor John Cena's tagline is "You Can't See Me," but what does it imply in meme form? Here's how WWE star turned actor John Cena's tagline "You Can't See Me" became a humorous meme. Cena's provocative taunt to ostensibly weaker opponents is part of the vast pantheon of wrestling catchphrases that has long been in grapplers' arsenal. Along with The Undertaker's scary Rest in Peace and Dwayne The Rock Johnson's odder Cena's is one of the most quotable if you smell what The Rock is cooking. Not only that, but Cena's challenge is accompanied with an open-handed gesture in front of his face, emphasizing how rude it was.

The usage of the V sign ("the forks") as a derogatory gesture, involving the upward swing of the elbow

The insulting variation (with the palm inside U+1F594 REVERSED VICTORY HAND)[10] is sometimes related to the offensive gesture known as "the finger." In Australia[11], the "two-fingered salute" (also known as "the forks") is typically done by flicking the V upwards from the wrist or elbow. When the palm is towards the person delivering the sign, the V sign has long been considered an insult in the United Kingdom, and subsequently in Ireland, Australia, South Africa,[citation required], India, Pakistan, and New Zealand. [2] It is commonly used to express disobedience (particularly of authority), scorn, or mockery. [12] It was recognized in Canada with the meaning "Up yours!" as late as the World War II generation, maybe due to their familiarity with the Victory sign during the war years. However, successive generations seldom use it, and its meaning in this context is rapidly becoming obsolete in Canada. [13] [14]

Although Pepe creator Furie sometimes seemed to wish his character would just vanish, the lazy-eyed frog does not appear to be going away, which may be the oddest aspect of the whole affair. Over the course of a decade, a stupid comic created in a San Francisco thrift shop became a worldwide emblem of melancholy, then hatred, then liberty. For the Feels Good Man group, Pepe's rise and fall is a tale about the internet as a whole, not simply a cartoon. Pepe outlived Myspace. He has outlived Tumblr. He's become a meme in his own right. He's been there as long as everything else on the internet has been around. That is really unusual to me, says Jones.

However, Obama should take care since the mic drop has been known to backfire. Consider Google's April Fool's Day prank this year: a gif of a mic-dropping Minion that, when activated in Gmail, barred any responses from the receiver. Some users claimed they lost their jobs as a consequence, and Google was forced to apologize and retract the joke. Remember, Mr. President, that tremendous microphone drops come with enormous responsibilities.

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