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Having Genuine Concern for Missionaries Local church members expressing genuine care for the intricacies of the missionaries' livesgospel encounters, troubles with the local government, health concerns, parenting struggles, and so many other elements of lifeare critical to the missionaries' staying power and fruitfulness. We have incredible technical reach these days thanks to digital applications, cellphones, computers, and so on. We can FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp (or whatever) with missionaries on the other side of the globe and walk with them on a daily basis in ways that William Carey's companions could never accomplish at the turn of the nineteenth century.

How would such a vision affect our priorities as the body of Christ, he wonders? How may well-meaning Christians really block God's people from carrying out God's will? And, how can we best liberate God's people in the church to carry out God's mission in the world? Dr. Platt discusses six core truths that spark radical obedience among Christians in the church, written to everyone who wants to make an impact for God's glory whether you are an active member, a leader, or a pastor. He will help you apply Christ's revolutionary claims and mandates to your community of faith in new, practical ways via engaging Bible teaching and inspirational anecdotes from across the globe.

So, clearly, there is a covenant connection between God and the people of Israel, and it is a particular relationship. But, ever from the beginning, they have been designed to be a conduit of God's goodness to the nations. As a result, we see it in the formation of the kingdom and the promises that follow. Guthrie: Then we get into the split kingdom period, and when we read the prophets like the prophet Isaiah and some of the others, we find that many of them have a lot to say about other nations and countries. It may be a little confusing, I believe, because we read about all of this judgment coming down on all of these countries in one place, and then other places where there is hope that some of these nations will really join in and take part in the kingdom. So, if you're someone who gets puzzled when we read both of those things, I'm wondering if there's a specific spot in the prophets or anything more general from the prophets where you might help us make sense of both things.

Here comes Beth Moore.

Recently, David Platt shared a video of Beth Moore praising the Lottie Moon Christmas giving. Moore has long been a favorite among Southern Baptist women's bible study groups. She's like a LifeWay Godmother. She's also a terrible Bible teacher. This is something that Southern Baptist theologians and seminary lecturers are well aware of. They all know Beth Moore is a jerk, but she raises a lot of money for the conference via book sales and LifeWay activities. You never go against the family, and she is the Godmother.

Passion 2022 David Platt

God wants people of all countries to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. The narrative of the spread of this message is told in Scripture, and it concludes with people from all countries praising the slaughtered Lamb. Today, however, around 3.2 billion people are deemed unreached, meaning they have little or no access to the gospel. Many of them are also physically afflicted. David Platt invites us to examine our responsibility in creating disciples among all countries, especially among those who have never heard, in this talk from Revelation 5. This statement was delivered during Passion 2022.

That being said, we can only surmise (thus the question mark in the title of this piece) that he is being pushed and swept towards an unorthodox understanding of gender and sexuality because of who he is identifying himself with in the Revoice LGBT Christianity movement. We won't know until we see, but it's disheartening to see him connecting himself with so many individuals who have unconventional beliefs. The following are some of David Platt's unconventional opinions on race and racism.

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe are compelled to congregate in secret, often at the danger of their lives, due to antagonism from the government, the local community, and even their own families. With few chances to congregate and limited access to biblical instruction, our persecuted brothers and sisters may gather for eight to twelve hours at a period to sing, pray, and study God's Word. This God-centered emphasis is a beneficial counterbalance to the yearning for...

Passion 2022 was an incredible experience. In the music and sermons, Christ was honored. Tens of thousands of students confessed their sins to one another, and many pledged to follow Christ wherever He leads. No conference is flawless, but the profundity of the teachings delivered here astounded me. It was convincing, tough, and uplifting. I am very happy to attend the conference for the next two years, Lord willing, and then to serve as a door-holder (volunteers who assist at the conference) so that others may enjoy this beautiful event. This conference has had a profound spiritual influence on so many individuals, and I hope it will continue to do so until the Lord arrives. I attempted to have a courteous tone for anyone who disagreed with me in this piece. This essay was a lot of me thinking out loud, and I know I didn't communicate all of my thoughts as well as I might have. If you disagree with anything in this essay, please leave a comment or direct message me on Instagram. I'm open to hearing other people's perspectives.

David Platt Passion Conference

This week, pastor and author David Platt cautioned young Christians that choosing a casual, comfortable, cultural attitude to their religion, ignoring God's charge to aggressively proclaim the Gospel in favor of chasing financial success, could lead to a wasted life. Be done with a version of Christianity that says, "Pray a prayer, go to church, live it up in the world, go to some conferences, and coast your way to Heaven," the Virginia-based preacher declared this week at the annual Passion conference in Atlanta. That is not Christianity since it is not based on Christ.

Platt formerly served as president of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He said that around 3.2 billion people worldwide had not heard the Gospel. "God wishes that people from all countries hear and accept the Good News of His tremendous love in Jesus," the author of Radical: Reclaiming Your Faith from the American Dream said. "That is the truth... This is God's love for humans."

Of course, there are dramatic moments during Convocation and Campus Community, but something about tens of thousands of people is really astounding, according to Thompson. For every young adult, Passion is a massive convention. The TRYA Package is no longer available, but students who want to attend Passion 2022 on their own may do so at

The speaker stated that the United States had the greatest access to Gospel in the world. Platt noted that many people throughout the globe do not have access to someone who can teach them about Jesus, nor do they have followers of Jesus or churches preaching the Good News of God's tremendous love. He displayed a Radical Stratus map with color-coded locations on the global map that have and have not been touched by the Gospel.

David Platt Passion City Church

Few Christ-followers are asked to sell all they own, pack their families, move to a foreign place, settle among an unreached people group, learn the language and culture, and preach the unadulterated gospel. Most Christ-followers across the globe will live peaceful lives in their own neighborhoods and towns, working hard with their own hands to care for their own families and growing in Christ in their local churches. 1 Thessalonians 4:1 Those who do not go, however, must hold the ropes for those who do. Hold the ropes was first used by pioneering missionary William Carey in 1792, as he prepared to go to India with the gospel. His excellent buddy Andrew Fuller described the expedition as a plunge into a dark, strange mine. Carey responded, "I'll go down if you hold the rope." What a striking photograph! The one falling is bravely traveling into the darkness, assuming all the dangers. But his life is dependent on his companion, who is still up above, grasping his rope with all his might. Every church member must feel the weight of the gospel messenger's descent.

The McLean disagreement may now go to court. Five McLean members filed a lawsuit on Thursday (July 15), alleging that Platt and other officials unjustly excluded them from voting at a recent congregational gathering to endorse new church leaders. The plaintiffs also argue that the church's follow-up election this weekend breached the church's constitution. According to the complaint, this is a breach of contract action attempting to rectify Defendants' wrongful activities in denying Plaintiffs' rights to cast a free and fair vote, have their votes duly tallied, and enjoy their right to a secret ballot.

People in the neighborhood started to learn about this notion and inquired about the possibility of a service. The team wasn't sure how the Church would be launched, but they decided to have a service that week. A place was identified, equipment was borrowed, and around 30 people showed up at Easter Seals on the first Sunday after the vision was projected. After a few months of hosting services at Easter Seals, the Church was able to generate enough cash to lease a facility on Park Avenue and convert a disused gym and bar into a church. People began to encounter Jesus and be set free from their sins.

According to the complaint, this is a breach of contract action attempting to rectify Defendants' wrongful activities in denying Plaintiffs' rights to cast a free and fair vote, have their votes duly tallied, and enjoy their right to a secret ballot.

On June 30, a congregational assembly was convened to approve three new elders to the tiny group that controls the majority of power at the church.

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